Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

hmm.... bubble mask? Find it here on Amazon


It hit the market a while ago and people went nuts over looking like foaming bubble monster! I have to admit, I really like playing with bubbles, so I wanted this mask for the fun of it. Hehe. I was able to get a hold of the real deal straight from Korea (thanks, Lina!). This magical bubbling mask is supposed to clean up your skin and pores while leaving it moist and smooth

This will mark the second time I tried it. The first time my roommate and I left it on too long, and it started to irritate our faces. Don't worry, it was totally our fault- we got distracted by the bubbles and kept snap chatting away. LOL But really, please read the directions on the box before starting. 

If you want to watch my masking process, check out the video on my IG!




Step 1: Start with a fresh clean face

Don't mind the period pimple and the rosacea. I got attacked by allergies this week and Claritin dries me out so bad. It's either my nose and head suffers, or my skin does. I'll take the skin. 

Wash your face. Steaming is optional

Step 2: Apply mask

Use a brush or use the spatula they give you in the jar. Apply on a thin but opaque layer. I like using a foundation brush because I can cover larger areas of my face more quickly. 

Step 3: Rinse after 3-5 minutes

Don't get too distracted by the bubbles. You'll feel your face tickle as the bubbles start to form. After 3-5 minutes, massage the mask in with a bit of water (and play with the bubbles). I didn't leave it on as long as most people do since my skin was extra sensitive this week. 

Rinse well. Be warned that the mask will carbonate while rinsing so just keep rinsing and rubbing gently! 

Step 4: Apply Serum/ Lotion

The mask is suppose to leave your face moist, but I partially disagree. My face felt a pinch drier than normal so applied my hydrating serum from La Roche Posay.  


Price: $9

Verdict: This is a super fun mask to use during sleepover party or if you're bored! It's fun to watch as the bubble magic happen. If you leave it long enough, the foam comes up about an inch over your skin. You'll look like a gray smurfs. Hehe.

My skin felt nice after. It wasn't as smooth as I hoped it would be, but still a tad smoother. I'm sure some kind of exfoliation happened when the bubbles were bursting. The only downside is the amount of product in the jar. After 2 rounds, there's less than half left. I left it in my cabinet for about a month since the first round, and the mask bubbled inside the jar (not sure if that was normal?).  Overall, this is a fun and entertaining mask for a great price. It's not one that will treat your problem skin or make you look amazing. It's just fun.

Tip: For kids under 10, (if you really want to them to try it), I would do it on their hands or forearms or another part of their body that has "thicker" skin. 

Happy masking, my beauties!!