Hacks to an "At-Home" Facial

I love getting facials. It's the one service that I feel like I get my money's worth. The treatment is enjoyable and relaxing, and I can take home the results. LOL But it does get pricey. So here's my trick to getting as close to a spa facial without breaking the bank*.

Before- super dry and dull skin

Before- super dry and dull skin

After- hydrated, bright and supple

After- hydrated, bright and supple


Facial Cost: (dividing everything up by use per day for the minimum months it'll last- minus the travel steamer and pore remover) ABOUT $6.12




    STEAM for 10 minutes. Get one here. This is the most important step. If you open up your pores, all of the cleansing and masking will react better on the skin and give you better results. I use my little travel clothing steamer as a face steamer. I fill it up, place it on my bathroom counter, and sit about 1.5 feet away from it You totally can opt for a hot shower instead, but I like sitting in front of traditional steam.

    Please be careful! I constantly move my face around (while it's on the counter) so I don't get burned, and I sit at least 1.5 feet away from the nozzle. Don't move this thing towards your face or body. Leave it on the counter flat. 


    WASH & EXFOLIATE. I pour about a dime size portion of the Fresh Cleanser (get one here ) onto my Clarisonic (get one here) and scrub away. I use the "Sensitive" brush (comes in a pack of two), but I am still very careful of my sensitive spots such as my cheeks and upper lip. I usually go over those spots very quickly and scrub my nose and forehead a little longer. I would not recommend going longer than one round of the Clarisonic. You don't want to over-exfoliate. 


    EXTRACT PORES- This step is completely optional and I won't go into details on how I do it. Get a whole set here on Amazon. I usually extract my nose and between my brows before I mask. Please be cautious of heavy pressure on your skin. You don't want to "scrape" skin off and cause scarring using any tools. 


    ACTIVE MASK- An "active" mask is a term I use for something that will "do something" for your skin- like a peel or a detox. This is why we get facials- to see results. 

    • I picked Murad's Intensive-C Radiance Peel (get it here) for this facial. This little mask is pretty amazing and gives you beautiful results. This mask smooths and brightens your skin. We've also learned in the past that V-C (vitamin-c) help even out your complexion and helps fight free-radicals. This mask helps boosts the elasticity and also has Glycolic Acid to promote cell turnover
    • Use a wet brush to apply the product on sensitive areas. I'll usually apply the product straight on my forehead, nose, and chin. But for my cheeks and upper lip, I'll wet my brush completely then apply the product on those sensitive spots. The water helps dilute it a bit so it's not too intense. 
    • Apply this mask all over your face/neck and leave on for about 10 minutes. I love how tingly and cool the mask feels on my face. Rinse with warm water. If it gets too intense, (on a scale of 1-10, if it's past an 8) rinse it right away. 

    SOOTHING MASK- I usually like to put on a soothing cucumber mask or a hydrating mask after an active one. This just give the skin time to calm down after all those intense treatments. I love using the Korean sheet masks because they are convenient and fresh every time. I usually leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes. You're welcome to leave them on longer. I love the MediHeal Mask- grab a whole pack of 10 here. 


    SERUM & HYDRATE- Last but not least, after your soothing mask, apply a serum onto dry skin. I love the Pure Hyaluronic Acid (get it here). It really helps lock in the moisture from the mask and lotion all day. Just use about 3 drops (check out my Serums Blog Post to learn more). Then apply the lotion of your choice. I prefer the Kate Somerville Dry Skin Saver (grab it here) since my skin is on the drier side. But feel free to use whichever lotion you like the most. 


    Facials are supposed to renew your skin and make it better. Give you skin time after your facial to breathe and to calm down again. I would recommend not applying any face makeup, except mascara, for the rest of the day. Don't ruin it by slathering on goops of foundation that will clog your pores afterward. 

    Until next time my beauties. Stay beautiful!

    *Disclaimer: All these steps in this blog are what I do personally and not shown here as instructions. This blog is for your reference only. Following any steps in this blog will be taken at your own risk. Please be advised that products I use may not work on everybody. These are products I have tested on myself that I like. Before trying a new product, it's advised to do a patch-test on your skin.

    Golden Birthday, Golden Year


    This past birthday (one month ago) was a special one. Not only did it mark my final year in my 20s, but it was my golden birthday. Meaning I turned the age 29 on the 29th day of the month. It so happened that the 29th of May was Memorial Day. 3x Golden. I should be noted that my birthday has fallen on Memorial Day only a couple times: my 1st birthday, my 7th birthday, my 12th birthday (Y2K year), my 18th (the year I graduated high school), and my 29th (the year I got married).

    My triple home run topped every other birthday because of all the things that blossomed before and after it: from booking beyond the number of weddings I desired for the year, to spontaneously eloping in my dream city with the man of my dreams, to growing and building friendships that spanned miles away from me, and to finally choosing to be selfish to make myself sane and happy.

    To mark this Golden Year, I decided to expand the heart of my business: myself. My biggest desire is for clients to get to know me on a deeper and more personal level. What better way for someone to get to know me than for them to see life from my perspective. To be honest, it was difficult to blog in the past. I felt as if I could only write about makeup or beauty. Since the categories I made for myself were so limited, I got bored quickly and ran out of ideas. So this time around, I'll be writing about my life as a makeup artist, a beauty guru, a home maker, a wife, a traveler, a foodie, and so much more

    Btw, a big THANK YOU to all who came out and celebrated life with me on my birthday. I love you all so much. Each and every one of you has shaped me into who I am today.