Testing UD's "Sex-Proof" Mascara


Urban Decay released their newest mascara last month. It claims to be "super-fat, super-long, sex-proof mascara". Interesting. I don't know why simple "waterproof" mascara wouldn't be enough for the bedroom stuff- possibly for overnight activities? LOL 

Since we started climbing, I've been needing a mascara that is waterproof considering my favorite mascara from UD is only water resistant. I wanted to see if this new family member lived up to its name (as in "going to the gym and napping" not testing it doing "bedroom stuff" LOL). We kept the testing on the "PG" level. HAHA

Packaging: Wow! This is probably one of the prettiest mascara wands I've owned. It looks almost holographic and has a pretty textured barrel (easier to grip). Even the box is pretty. 

IMG_6066 2.jpg

Wand: This is not your typical fiber-y bristle brush. The brush has bristles made a silicone-like material. The little pokes have larger gaps than traditional wands. The reason behind the wand's weird shape is to separate your lashes so no clumping happens, and it's suppose to give you 13x the lash volume!

Bare lashes. See, I got nothing. 

Bare lashes. See, I got nothing. 

No curling yet- all primer. 

No curling yet- all primer. 

Helllooooo long lashes! 

Helllooooo long lashes! 

Tip: Apply  lash primer  generously to one eye first. While primer is still wet, apply mascara over it. Don't worry the white will disappear. 

Tip: Apply lash primer generously to one eye first. While primer is still wet, apply mascara over it. Don't worry the white will disappear. 

Formula:  This stuff is goes on BLACK. It's really nice to have a very very black mascara. There's fibers built inside the formula to give you extra volume and length without the messy clumping and flakingI used it together with the UD Subversion Lash Primer. I put on about 2 layers- LOVE! It is sticky for about 10 minutes after applying so be careful. You can add some translucent powder to your under eyes to make the inner corners not stick as much. 

Mascara needs to latch onto something that isn't your natural lash to give you more length and more volume- hence YOU MUST USE A LASH PRIMER. Lash primers create the base layers needed for the mascara to "stick on" and "hold" to. Without it, the mascara won't work to it's fullest potential. 


IMG_6096 2.jpg

Stay Power: This mascara is pretty amazing! It stayed on all day WITHOUT me needing to add any powder under my eyes. I usually have to conceal and set my under eyes so my mascara doesn't bleed or smear. I put this bad boy on in the AM with nothing else on my face. I went all day and even climbed for 4 hours. No smudging! I even took a nap in it- NOTHING HAPPENED except my lashes got kinda smushed from sleeping on them. LOL 

Removal: I HATE removing waterproof mascara. I always look like a raccoon after- or there's a little left and I end up wiping my eyes on my pretty white towels and staining them. Troublemaker came off super easily in the shower with my Fresh Soy Cleanser with no residue. The other waterproof formula from UD, Cannonball, is harder to get off and I usually have residue left over. This one is a dream! 

Verdict: I really really like this mascara- not only for the aesthetics but for the overall formula.  My lashes look super full and super long! I understand there have been mixed reviews around it. But trust when I say, you must use the lash primer. Would totally recommend this baby! 

9.5/10 (-0.5 for being a bit sticky)

Price: $24 for Troublemaker Mascara Get it here | Subversion Lash Primer $21- Get it here.

Happy Lashing, my beauties!

Dream Away Without The Worry!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid or endorsed to advertise this mascara for Urban Decay. I purchased it on my own and this blog post is my own experience and opinion of it. 

After my nap! A little smushed, but still good! 

After my nap! A little smushed, but still good!