“It is my purpose as a makeup artist to make my clients feel beautiful, but not overdone; to look timeless but not different from their norm. It is my job to make them "Photo- Ready"- to color, correct, and enhance them as to what they will look like after the photos are edited and finalized BEFORE the camera starts shooting.” 

XOXO Lynne, Owner & Creator of P.A.B.L.



Known for her meticulous attention to detail and natural artistry, Lynne Cho is an accomplished makeup professional currently based in Southern California. As a licensed beautician with over a decade of experience, she has designed a unique airbrushing technique that delivers the most sought after combination of imperceptible flawlessness with a weightless finish. 

Hi! My name is Lynne and I'm the owner and creator of Pure Artistry. It is such an honor that you chose my team to be apart of your special day. I have a huge passion for makeup and beauty, and my sole purpose is for you to walk away feeling beyond beautiful, beyond radiant, and beyond special. I can't wait to meet you! 

Favorite Food: "Ice Cream. Hands down. ICE CREAM. Even if it was 40 degrees, I will still want ice cream."

Favorite Place in the World: "Copenhagen, Denmark. There's something magical about it. Something about getting a latte and walking down the street and through the parks on a cool, sunny afternoon that make me feel like I'm home." 







With over three years under her belt as a professional makeup artist, Brittney Capezzuto continues to hone her craft with every single event. Her close attention to detail and great organization skill help her move seamlessly from one makeup genre to the next. Brittney's cheerful and free-spirited persona radiates forward when meeting new people. 

Hi, I'm Brittney! I have been in love with makeup artistry ever since I watched America's Next Top Model as a young girl. I'm going on over 3 years with Pure Artistry, and this journey has been amazing thus far. I really enjoy having such a close relationship with our clients and providing them with the absolute best experience. I can't wait to meet you all!

Words to Live by: "Take a breath, be positive, because life happens."

Favorite Place to Visit:  "San Francisco in the winter and Chicago in the fall." 







Being the newest addition to the team, Staci White brings forth a genuine desire to ensure every single client walks away feeling more beautiful and confident. Her powerful and bubbly personality light up the room. Staci's knowledge, obsession, and passion for the newest beauty-finds help the Pure Artistry team continuously move forward with product discoveries.  

Hi all! My name is Staci White. I've always loved makeup more than your average girl. There is never a time where I am not on the hunt for more makeup inspiration. I love being apart of the P.A.B.L. team. When we hand the mirror over to reveal the final look, when our client's eyes light up and their smile goes from ear to ear, that right there- that is what reassures me this is what I am meant to do. Cannot wait to meet every single one of you! 

Favorite dessert:  "Cheesecake."

Where do you want to travel to next: "Greece. Yes, please!" 



"We are so excited to meet each and every single one of you. We cannot wait to make you feel even more special than you already are!"

With lots of love,

The Pure Artistry Team